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Half Beef Pre-Order

Half Beef Pre-Order

Half Share of A Beef


A Half Share of a Beef is an economical way to fill your freezer.

What is Included?

~ Pick ALL your Cuts
~ $25 Towards Extra Processing ie. Stew Meat, Patties, Jerky etc...
~ We will send you an Email with the "Wet" Hanging Weight. It will have all the available cuts for you to choose, and a brief description of each cut. This is when    you will choose your "Extra Processing" Products
~ You will take home Approx 225 +/- Pounds of Meat
~ Offals MAY be Included: Heart, Liver, Kidneys, Tongue, Oxtail (First Come First Serve)
~ Bulk Bones Available.

With a Half Beef Order you will be able to choose ALL of your Cuts, the Size of your Roasts, the Thickness of your Steaks, How many Steaks per Package you would like, and if you want 1 or 2 pound Ground Beef Packages. You may also choose to add "Extra Processing" items.

All Meat will be wrapped in Butcher Paper, except for your Ground Beef, and any "Extra Processed" items such as Jerky. 

    A Half of Beef will fill a Small to Medium Chest Freezer. A good rule of thumb is approx 1 cubic foot of freezer space for every 35-40 Pounds of Packaged Meat. 

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