No Antibiotics*

*We do not use Antibiotics in any of our feed. That being said, if we have a sick animal we will administer antibiotics if needed... However in Canada we have Strict Guidelines which need to be met before that animal can be harvested. We abide by these rules, and can back this up by our records. 

4 oz Hamburger Patties

3 Pound Bag of 12 - 4 oz Hamburger Patties.


BBQ Mayhem Bundle

A collection of all your favorite spring steaks


Blade Roast - Medium

Boneless Blade Roast 3-4 Pounds

Bone Broth

1 - 1L Container of Bone Broth

Breakfast Sausage

1 Pound of Beef Breakfast Sausage


Brisket - Full Plate

Full Plate Brisket Approx 12 Pounds

Brisket - Half

Half Brisket Approx 6-7 Pounds

Cross Rib Bone-In Roast - Medium

Bone-In Cross Rib Roast 3-4 Pounds

Cross Rib Steak

1 - 1 1/4" Thick Steak


Eye of Round Roast

3-4 Pound Eye of Round Roast

Flank Steak

.8 lb Average


Fresh Bratwurst Sausage

1 Pound of Bratwurst Sausage.

Ground Beef 1 Pound

1 Pound of Ground Beef

Half Beef Pre-Order

Half Share of A Beef


Honey Garlic Pepperoni

6 Sticks of Honey Garlic Pepperoni

Hopping into Spring

A great Spring Bundle


Inside Round Roast - Medium

Boneless Inside Round Roast 3-4 Pounds


1 lb approx.

Meaty Shank

Packed full of nutrients. (2/pkg)

Minute Steak

4 Pack Minute Steaks

New York Strip Steak

1 New York Strip Steak - 1 1/4" Thick


Outside Round Roast - Medium

Boneless Outside Round Roast 3-4 Pounds




Prime Rib Steak

Bone In Prime Rib Steak - 1 1/4" Thick - 2/Pkg


Quarter Beef

A Quarter of Bulk Beef


Quarter Beef Pre-order

A Quarter of Beef from Dykshoorn Farms


Regular Pepperoni

6 Sticks of Regular Pepperoni